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Our factory is located in gaoyang, the hometown of textile industry. We are engaged in the production and sale of various kinds of textiles, such as beach towel, bath towel, chenille pad, towel and so on. The main advantage lies in the complete production process of the equipment line and advanced manufacturing process, can guarantee the customer's product quality and delivery time. Our company can provide quality, intelligent design and original style of a variety of products, accept custom products, to provide all the convenience for customers. Since its inception, the company has been engaged in foreign trade export industry, with rich experience.








What is the home ground mat material is good

1. Cotton: this is a kind of material that people come into contact with more in daily life. If it is 100% cotton, plus anti-slip particles, it will not only have a good dust removal effect, but also can increase the friction with the ground.

How should bath towel wash ability clean? How to wash bath towel?

How should bath towel wash ability clean? 1, first of all, cleaning bath towels, to carry out classification, towel category is double-sided coil fabric, should be washed separately with clothing, especially with metal hooks, metal zippers and buttons. In the meantime, undertake cent color catharsis even, especially light color towel and brunet towel, should clean separately.

What material is chenille

1. As a new type of fancy yarn, chenille is widely used in making sofa cover, bedspread, bed blanket, carpet and other indoor decoration ornaments. Its core is composed of two strands, which are then twisted and woven into the middle of the feather yarn, with a very thick feeling.


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